Twenty-two teams participated in the 2014 Collegiate Competition online qualifying event on February 15, 2014. Eight teams will be invited to the 2014 Summer NABC to play in the two day final. The following schools qualified for this summer’s event to be held at the Las Vegas NABC:

North Carolina: Xiyuan Ge – Robert Thorstad – Zimeng Xie – Benjamin Kompa

Stanford: Frank Lin – Ling Zhang – Erli Zhou – Edward Yang

Columbia: Yichen Wang – Xingzhou He – Edward Li – Xiao Xu

Chicago: Julian Manasse-Boetani – Ruth Ng – Bob Wu – Kelly Mao

Princeton: Stanley Yuan – Jeffmin Lin – Thomas Gilgenast – Luke Paulsen

Illinois: Chih-Cheng Yeh – Shaoning Zhang – Kenneth Koh – Jieyang Xu

California Berkeley: Rebecca Wernis – Isha Thapa – Raymond Von Mizener – Armin Askari

Cornell: David Olshan – Jonathan Shi – Ethan Joseph – Ritwik Keshav

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Click here to view a map of the teams.