The 2014 USBC, which will select USA1 for the 2015 Bermuda Bowl, will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, starting on Friday, May 9th.

To enter the 2014 USBC, you must be a USBF member and have paid dues for 2014. If you meet those requirements, you can enter the event by logging into the USBF website and then clicking on “Enter Open USBC” under the User Menu.

If you want to play but are not currently a USBF member, you can join USBF by going to the USBF website, clicking on “Join” at the upper right of each page, and completing the registration form. In order to enter the USBC, you will also have to pay 2014 dues.

The entry fees for the 2014 USBC consist of an “event fee” of $360, which is payable when you enter and is refundable only under exceptional circumstances, and session fees of $150 per session ($300 per day), which are payable when you enter for the first stage of the event in which you will play and thereafter when you qualify for a subsequent stage.

For more information please visit the USBF website.