The 15th World Bridge Games open in Wroclaw, Poland on Saturday, Sept. 3. Bridge play begins on the Sunday.

The games, formerly the World Bridge Team Olympiad, are held every fourth year in the same year as the Summer Olympics. WBF member countries are invited to send one team to participate in each of the four series: Open, Women’s, Senior and Mixed Pairs.

Pair events will follow the team events Sept. 10-17. There is no limit on the number of pairs that each member country may nominate to participate in the Open, Women’s, Senior and Mixed Pair competitions. The 20th Ourgame World Computer-Bridge Championship is also being contested in Wroclaw.

Note there are no transnational events of any kind during these championships.

USA is fielding teams in all four events. Canada and Mexico have entered teams entered in the Open, Women’s and Senior events.

Follow the action on vugraph starting Sunday on BBO. Click here for the full vugraph schedule.

For team rosters, Daily Bulletins, results and more, please visit the WBF website.