Searching for an ACBL member number?

You are probably trying to access your masterpoints and other personal information. To view that information, you need to log in to the MyACBL portal.

If you have trouble logging in, you can call our toll-free Member Services hotline, 800-264-2743, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Central time for assistance.

Another reason you could be searching for a member number is you are trying to find tournament results.

Searching for the name of a city, or a ZIP or postal code?

Here are some links that can help:

Think in terms of key words or key phrases

Instead of typing an entire sentence or question in the search box, think about what the key word or key phrase is and search for that instead. For example, instead of searching for

how can i get information about 2 over 1

you will get better results if you simply search for

2 over 1

Another example: Instead of searching for

where can i play bridge in durham nc

you will get better results if you simply search for

durham nc

Use spaces

If you don’t use spaces, the search tool will think what you are searching for is all one word. For example, if you search for


the search tool will search for the word “commonlyusedconventions,” and not finding that word anywhere on the website, will return no results. If instead you search for

commonly used conventions

you will get relevant results.

Put search words in quotes to target results

When searching for two or more words that must appear together, using quotes can lead to better results. This is particularly useful for searching for people’s names. For example, if you search for

john smith

you get results that contain “john” and also “smith” anywhere on the page. However, when you search instead for

“john smith”

the words “john” and “smith” must appear together, in that order.

Bridge Bulletin content

Currently content in the Bridge Bulletin is not integrated into the ACBL website search engine. However, the online Bridge Bulletin has its own search.

We do plan in the future to integrate the two searches for an improved experience.

Search is not case sensitive

You don’t have to use the Shift or Caps Lock keys when you search. Search is case-insensitive. Searching for

san diego nabc

will produce the same results as searching for

San Diego NABC

Other resources

You may find what you’re looking for on one of these pages.

You might also try scrolling to the bottom of any page on the ACBL website, where there are many useful links in the footer.

Help us make ACBL website search better

We have the ability to educate our search tool on the language of bridge. If you conduct a search and get irrelevant results, email and let us know what you were searching for. We will try our best to improve the results.