ACBL encourages bridge playing and develops and promotes bridge education by implementing a wide variety of activities. ACBL encourages the game of bridge as a social, recreational, and competitive activity, and strives to attract bridge players to membership in the organization. For example, it sanctions bridge games and related bridge activities, and it conducts or sanctions championship events at club, unit, and district levels, at North American Bridge Championship tournaments, and at the international level. It formulates rules for all tournaments and games conducted under its auspices, and it supervises and regulates all bridge activities over which it has jurisdiction. It develops and maintains standards of membership, conduct and ethical behavior. In addition, it maintains a relative playing performance rating of all ACBL members by awarding and recording the masterpoints earned by the winners and high finishers in all sanctioned bridge events.

ACBL publishes The Bridge Bulletin, a monthly magazine for ACBL members and produces many other publications that help advance bridge, including a current directory of ACBL-sanctioned bridge games.

ACBL encourages the use of bridge games as a means of raising funds for charity by conducting and promoting charity games. It assists the ACBL Charity Foundation and the Canadian Bridge Federation Charitable Fund in the care and disbursement of charity proceeds.

ACBL promotes bridge education through an accredited teacher program, and various school programs. The ACBL Educational Foundation raises money for bridge education and disburses these funds through grants.

ACBL fosters bridge globally by working with other national bridge organizations and the World Bridge Federation in compiling the international code of the “Laws of Rubber Bridge” and the “Laws of Duplicate Bridge”, and by providing means for our members to compete in international bridge meets.