The masterpoint plan is the means by which ACBL ranks each member’s accomplishments in sanctioned bridge play relative to other ACBL members. The winners of sanctioned events receive masterpoints in amounts consistent with the importance and size of the events. Members who achieve rankings lower than first place, both overall and within their designated comparison group, receive proportionately fewer masterpoints. Generally, the more masterpoints a member has, the more experienced and skilled he or she is assumed to be.

ACBL awards honor titles to members as they amass a sufficient number of masterpoints to achieve predetermined levels of bridge accomplishment. These titles range from the first plateau, Rookie, through Junior Master, Club Master, Sectional Master, Regional Master, and NABC Master, to the highest honor ACBL awards, the title and rank of Life Master. There are several levels of Life Master: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, Platinum, and Grand.

There are formulas for computing masterpoint awards for all ACBL sanctioned events. These formulas take into account various factors, such as the class of the event, the size of the field, the number of sessions, and the level of competition, thus ensuring uniformity throughout ACBL in determining masterpoint awards.