The ACBL Board of Directors is the legislative body of ACBL. The Board is composed of one member from each district of ACBL (there are currently 25 districts). There is only one vote per district which is cast by the District Director, or in his/her absence by the First Alternate Director, and in his/her absence by the Second Alternate Director.


Each member of the Board of Directors is elected in accordance with the Regulations for the Conduct of ACBL Elections and Article V of the ACBL Bylaws.


The Board of Directors currently holds three regular meetings each year, subject to yearly review by the ACBL Board of Directors.  Special meetings may be called by the ACBL President and must be called upon the written request of a majority of the members of the Board of Directors.  A quorum at meetings of the Board of Directors is a majority.


The Board of Directors elects the ACBL officers. All officers serve until their successors take office.

PRESIDENT: The ACBL President is elected for a one-year term from among the members of the Board of Directors. The President’s term of office begins on January 1 of the year following election.

CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD: On expiration of the term of office, the president automatically becomes chairman of the Board of Directors and has voting rights provided the chairman is an elected Director.

TREASURER: The treasurer is elected for a one-year term, which begins on May 1 following his or her election. The treasurer may attend all meetings of the Board of Directors but may not vote unless he or she is an elected Board member.  The treasurer is a non-voting member of the Executive Committee.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: The Executive Committee consists of the ACBL president, the chairman of the Board of Directors, treasurer(non-voting member)and three other members of the Board (one from the Eastern Zone, one from the Central Zone, and one from the Western Zone). The other Board members of his or her zone elect each of the three Board representatives for a three-year term. If the treasurer is a Zonal representative, the Executive Committee will have five members. The purpose of the Executive Committee is to transact business of a time sensitive nature requiring action between Board of Directors meetings.


The general duties of the Board of Directors are to manage, conduct, supervise and control the business and activities of ACBL unless such authority is specifically granted by statute, by the Certificate of Incorporation, by the Articles of Incorporation or by the Bylaws to a different specific body. Specific duties of the Board of Directors include, but are not limited to:

1.     Sanction all ACBL-sponsored bridge events;

2.    Approve tournament sites for the Spring, Summer and Fall North American Bridge Championships;

3.    Approve budgets for the Spring, Summer and Fall North American Bridge Championships;

4.    Determine masterpoint requirements for ranking of players;

5.     Provide a mechanism for the awarding of masterpoints to members;

6.     Establish Life Master requirements;

7.     Provide for an annual audit of all funds of ACBL;

8.     Provide written reports to the Board of Governors;

9.     Employ personnel as necessary to carry out the programs of ACBL;

10.   Adopt regulations establishing binding and compulsory arbitration to settle disputes between ACBL and its members;

11.   Initiate and/or consider Bylaw amendments;

12.   Designate those individuals who sign all checks or demands for money and notes of ACBL;

13.   Adopt an annual budget; designate funds of ACBL for ACBL purposes in accordance with the Certificate of Incorporation, the Articles of Incorporation and the ACBL Bylaws;

14.   Acquire, hold, administer, maintain, and dispose of all property  of ACBL;

15.   Establish regulations for the chartering of units; 16.   Establish regulations for the payment of annual dues for members and annual service charges for Life Members;

17.   Establish regulations for the selection of Honorary Members;

18.   Establish guidelines for units and districts;

19.   Perform such other duties as may be assigned in the ACBL Bylaws,Articles of Incorporation, or as prescribed in the parliamentary authority.