Section awards for all games (open, invitational, restricted and newcomer) are based on the number of pairs, teams or individuals in each group. For example, an eight-table Mitchell movement is two groups of 8 pairs. A five-table Howell movement is one group of 10 pairs. In a Mitchell movement, a 1/2 table will be treated as though it were a full table. For example, 7 1/2 tables would be 8 pairs in each group while a 5 1/2 table Howell is 11 pairs in the comparison group. Depth of awards is 40% times the number of pairs in the comparison group, rounded to the nearest whole number with .5 rounded up. For overall awards 1/2 table is counted as a full table.


Open games award .10 MP per table for first place in each group. See Chapter 4, Section Two, I. The second place award is 70% of 1st, third is 50% of 1st, fourth is 35%, fifth is 1/5 and sixth is 1/6, etc. This applies to all open sections for pair, and individual games. Maximum award is 1.50 masterpoints. Masterpoint Charts.


Invitational clubs award .08 masterpoint per pair for first place in each group. See Chapter 4, Section Two, II. Other placements are based on the same percentages as for Open clubs. The maximum award is 1.20 masterpoints.

The same awards are used for men’s/women’s, mixed, pro-am and senior games in both Open and Invitational clubs.

Awards for first place (per pair) in masterpoint restricted games are as follows:

Ranges between

0 – 20 MP = .05
0 – 100 MP = .06
0 – 200 MP = .07
0 – 200+ (*) MP = .08

* 0- to any masterpoint restriction greater than 200

Stratified pairs may be conducted with two or three strats. The lowest strat may have any upper masterpoint limitation suitable for a club. The lowest strat must have at least five pairs.


First place section awards for Newcomer games per pair in each group are:

Ranges between

0 – 5 = .03
0 – 10 = .04
0 – 20 = .05

Other placements are based on the same percentages as for Open clubs. The maximum award is 1.00 masterpoint. Masterpoint Charts.


Award .03 per pair for first place. Other placements are based on the same percentages as for Open clubs. Maximum Award is .50 masterpoint. Masterpoint Charts.


When two pairs tie for the same position, the appropriate individual masterpoint awards are determined by adding the masterpoints for that position and the next lower position; the members of each pair then receive half of that total. If three pairs tie for a position, the masterpoints for that position and the next two lower positions are added, and the members of each pair receive one-third of that total. In the unlikely event that four or more pairs tie for the same position, this mathematical procedure continues to the appropriate level to determine the masterpoint awards for the members of each pair.

When there is a two-way tie for the last position awarding masterpoints, the next lower award is calculated. This is added to the last place award, and the sum is divided between the two pairs.


Club games with more than one section may issue overall awards comparing all the sections. Awards may not exceed 2.50 for Open clubs, 2.00 for Invitational clubs and 1.67 for Newcomer clubs. Second place would be 75% of first, third 75% of second, etc. through a maximum of six places. Masterpoint Charts.

PAIR AWARDS: Pairs receive their section awards or the overall award, whichever is greater, but not both. For example, a pair whose section award was 0.50 and whose overall award was 0.65 would be credited with 0.65 masterpoints.

HANDICAP GAMES: Pair and maximum award regulations also apply to handicap games. An exception would occur if a pair earns only a section award in the raw score computation and earns an overall award in the handicap score. In this case the two would be added together.

CLASS UNIFORMITY: Pair and maximum award regulations apply only when both sections are of the same class.

NUMBER OF POSITIONS: Overall awards may not exceed six positions.


For Series games in clubs, four or more game sessions are required. The masterpoint bonus to the winning player shall equal .02 times the number of tables in play for all games in which he or she participated. This bonus cannot exceed 1.5 masterpoints for an open game or 1.2 masterpoints for an invitational game. Second place earns 75% of the award for first and third place earns 75% of the second-place award. Clubs may use their own methodology for determining winners. Examples are:

a. The number of masterpoints earned at the series games
b. The best percentage score for all series games
c. Award 4,3,2,1 for first through fourth place scores for each game and total such awards for the series to determine the winning individuals

A club may run a series game over any reasonable period, except each club game may only be a part of one series. The club manager may specify a minimum number of game sessions played to be eligible. Clubs may wish to consider a proviso that eligibility requires participation with a minimum of two or more different partners.


Awards for board-a-match teams are 110% of awards for pair games. Awards for knockout teams with three or more sessions can be found in the enclosed charts. All match awards should be issued from the match award charts. Masterpoint Charts.