Comfortable playing conditions at a tournament are essential for all participants. Handicapped players must be allowed to use any special equipment they require, such as Braille cards, bidding boxes, or special chair. However, the tournament is not required to supply such equipment.


The floor space required is 64 to 81 square feet per table. Estimates when calculating the amount of space required should be very optimistic. Additional space will be needed for scoring tables, water stations, supplies, etc. Office and/or supply storage rooms near the playing area are highly recommended. For example, if the expected attendance is 100 tables in any one session, the minimum amount of space required would be 6600 square feet. This leaves some amount of space in the playing area for the items mentioned above.


The facility must have acceptable lighting for all tables. At least 10 foot-candles of illumination 30 inches above the floor is necessary for all tables.


The sponsoring organization must see that the playing areas are well ventilated with proper heating or cooling available. Designated smoking areas should be located away from the playing areas.


The sponsoring organization must see that adequate drinking water is provided and that the playing area is cleaned between sessions. Caddies can help keep the room clean during play. Trash bags attached to tables and/or trash receptacles conveniently located will prove very beneficial. The facility must have adequate rest rooms.