Members of the ACBL belong to the Unit in which they reside. If a member desires to belong to a unit in which he/she does not reside, the member must specifically make this request in writing (email is permissible) to the ACBL stating the unit of preference and the reasons for the request. Further, if the unit is not in the same district as where he/she resides, both districts must approve the membership in the other district.

The following are some of the reasons why a member would be given permission to belong to a unit outside the district of residence.

To warrant consideration, a player should meet at least two of the six reasons listed:

  • Plays at least once a month in a club in that unit.
  • Attends STaCs or Sectionals in that unit at least twice a year.
  • Attends the annual unit dinner and/or annual membership meeting.
  • Participates in unit special events.
  • Serves on the Unit Board and/or Unit committees.
  • Serves on the District Board and/or District committees.

Note that a “snowbird” may choose permanent unit affiliation with either of the units in which the member resides.

The membership approval granted by a district in which the member does not reside may be reviewed by that district from time to time to assure the above criteria continue to justify non-residency membership.