Once an area has been selected for an NABC, the district organization is assigned the responsibility of arranging for volunteers and hospitality. The district, at its option, may assign the responsibility to a local unit, but the district organization retains overall accountability to ACBL.

The ACBL Headquarters NABC Planner coordinates all aspects of the tournament and is the liaison for ACBL with the host organization. The NABC Operations Manual for Tournament Chairpersons is available from the NABC Planner. The purpose of the manual is to delineate the various areas of responsibility and financial obligation for the host organization and ACBL Headquarters in order to provide ACBL members with an enjoyable and memorable NABC. The division of responsibility for an NABC is as follows:

• ACBL Headquarters provides the staff and equipment necessary for the technical operation of the tournament.

• The host organization is primarily responsible for arranging all entertainment and hospitality and for providing volunteers.

• Funds are provided by the ACBL to the host organization based on ACBL’s estimate of attendance for the implementation of the activities and services provided by the host organization. Additional funds may be provided by the host organization to enhance the hospitality or provide special events.