ACBL permits considerable latitude in scheduling unit championship sessions. For example, a unit could hold a one-session unit championship each month, thus utilizing 12 of its 24 sessions. The unit could hold a two-session game, such as an election party or a new members party, several times a year. Units could also schedule a portion of their unit championship allocation as four-session unit championships each calendar quarter. The various events may consist of any schedule of games that might appeal to the unit membership. For example, the events could be mixed pairs, master pairs, open pairs, or Swiss teams.


Any schedule that does not interfere with higher-rated championships scheduled nearby is acceptable. However, in order to offer a well-rounded annual schedule, ACBL recommends that the events be spread throughout the year.


Regional and sectional tournaments have priority for weekend dates. Therefore, if there is a schedule conflict with a tournament being held in the same or an adjacent unit area, the date of the unit championship must be changed. In areas where many sectionals are held, units often can avoid schedule conflicts by holding unit championships on weeknights in cooperation with regularly scheduled club games.

As soon as the regular tournament schedule is complete, unit officials should prepare a schedule of unit championships. Units should schedule these events early to help affected clubs avoid time conflicts when preparing their schedules.


A unit may elect to hold its unit championships in one central location. This highlights the fact that the games are unit activities. It also gives the unit and its board of directors an identity insofar as newer members are concerned.

Alternatively, a unit may schedule one or more unit championship sessions to be played simultaneously in several different unit locations, with each game site scoring as a separate event. There is no unit-wide overall masterpoint award, but the entire game counts as only a single session of the unit’s allocation. This is called a “split” unit championship.