Sectional tournaments are allocated to units. Units are required to hold a sectional tournament every two years, unless exempted from this requirement by the district. While there are no restrictions on the number of sectional tournaments a unit may conduct, a district must approve the Sanction Application before it can be acted upon by ACBL.

• Sectionals must be at least two days and no more than five days in duration, with the following exceptions: Limited/Junior Sectionals and Sectional Tournaments at Clubs (STaCs). Limited/Junior Sectionals must be at least one day and no more than five days in duration. A Limited Sectional is defined as a sectional with a masterpoint limit of no more than 0-500. A Unit may not schedule more than three Limited Sectionals in any calendar year. STaCs must be at least two days and no more than seven days in duration. A unit may not attempt to circumvent this rule by scheduling back-to-back sanctions that run consecutively.

• With Management approval, a Sponsoring Organization may run a Limited Sectional with a maximum of 500 Masterpoints using directors who are not ACBL employees.

• The Las Vegas Unit 373 is grandfathered permission to run:

a. Two, and only two, Sectionals per year which may be up to six and one
half days in length; or

b. One six and a half day Sectional and up to two Sectionals not to exceed five days; or

c. An unlimited number of standard Sectionals.

• Sectionals may be Open, Senior, Limited by masterpoints (specifically, 0-100; 0-200; 0-300 or 0-500, Junior, Youth, Progressive Style or STaC. Sectional senior, youth or junior tournaments may be combined with limited-by-masterpoint tournaments. In these instances the higher sanction fee will apply.

• A Unit may join with another Unit(s) to run a Sectional or a STaC. A Unit may, with permission of the Unit and District(s), hold a Sectional in a contiguous Unit.

• A Sectional may schedule up to four (4) sessions of championship rated events per day with no decrease in masterpoint awards. Management may, with cause, disallow more than two (2) championship sessions per day.

• Sectionals at Sea are allocated only by the ACBL.

• An open Sectional may be run concurrently with a Regional restricted by age or masterpoints, with the permission of the Unit in which the Regional is being held.

NOTE: A sectional sanction may be awarded to a non-ACBL sponsor to conduct a tournament in other than ACBL territory under special circumstances. Contact the ACBL Tournament Department for further details.