Regionals are allocated to ACBL Districts. A District may conduct its  Regionals or allocate them to units within the district. Additionally, the  WBF, the CBF and the USBF may be awarded a Regional according to regulations  occurring later in this document.

Each District is allocated four annual Regionals which may be open or senior. Each district is allowed to split one Regional. In addition, a district is allocated three limited regionals which may be any of the following: Junior regional, Youth regional, or Non-LM regional with an upper limit of no more than 750 points.

  • Upon request and verification, a District with 9,000 to 12,000 ACBL members is allowed one additional Regional each year; a District with 12,000 to 15,000 members is allowed two additional Regionals each year; a District with 15,000 to 18,000 members will be awarded three additional Regionals each year, and a District with 18,000 or more is allowed four additional Regionals. Membership qualifications for such additional Regionals will be based on a calendar year’s average of the four QUIP reports of 3/31, 6/30, 9/30, 12/31. For example, a District earning a qualification based on 2010 QUIP reports may schedule the additional Regional beginning 2012.
  • Any annual Regional held at, or near, the same site that reaches 3,000 tables for the tournament three out of four consecutive years will be awarded to its District and this will not count against the District’s base allocation. This tournament must remain in the same locality unless there are extraordinary circumstances verified by Management. Any additional Regional earned by consecutive table counts in excess of 3,000 will entitle the qualifying District to conduct the additional Regional in the year immediately following the qualification.
  • If a District fails to maintain the requirements for an additional Regional (either by a drop in total membership or by the failure of a 3000 table-plus tournament to maintain such size), the District will be entitled to keep its additional Regional(s) for two years. If, within the two-year period, the District again meets the requirements, the additional Regional (s) may continue to be scheduled without interruption.
  • In addition, the following Off Shore and Special Regionals are allocated:
  1.  Alaska – D19
  2.  Bermuda – D2
  3.  Hawaii – D20
  4. Mexico(2) – D16
  5. Arizona Seniors – D17
  6. Cape Cod Seniors – D25
  7. New England Individual – D25
  • The following Regionals are not allocated to any specific District:
  1.  Canadian Bridge Federation (one per year)
  2.  United States Bridge Federation (one per year)
  3.  World Bridge Federation, when a WBF championship is held in Zone 2, such regionals to be held at the site where the championship is being held.
  • An annual Regional is awarded each year to the USBF for the purpose of supporting teams representing the United States in international competition, and to the CBF for the purpose of supporting teams representing Canada in international competition. Depending on the location the affected District and the USBF or the CBF must agree on the specifics (e.g. date, schedule and fund-sharing). The normal conflict rules shall apply to the scheduling of the tournament.
  • No District may be awarded more than nine Regionals in a calendar year under this allocation formula.