Currently there are eight ACBL-wide and two Canada-wide games per year, most of which are held at club sites.


Three ACBL-wide events and two Canada-wide events are conducted to benefit the ACBL International Fund and the Canadian Olympiad Fund. The proceeds of these games help defray the expenses of players who represent their countries in international competition.

The games are reported with a club’s monthly report with fees and masterpoints included.


Two ACBL-wide events are conducted to benefit the ACBL Charity Foundation, one in the spring and one in the fall. They are separate and distinct from unit charity championships. Conducting an ACBL-wide charity game does not qualify a unit or a club to run a charity championship for a local beneficiary.

Proceeds from Canadian games are mailed directly to the Canadian Charitable Fund. Proceeds from all other ACBL-wide charity games go to the ACBL Charity Foundation.


Three other ACBL-wide special events are held each year: the Senior Pairs game in March, the Worldwide Pairs game in June and the ACBL Instant Matchpoint game in October. ACBL allocates all of these events to the clubs. Additional information on these special events is available from the ACBL Special Events Department.

Overall masterpoints will be awarded in ACBL-wide Charity Games and in ACBL-wide International Fund Games that use hand records and for which National and District winners are determined and published in the ACBL Bulletin. In addition to District overall awards, Continent-wide overall winners will be determined and overall masterpoints awarded. Overall point awards will be red.