Clubs can earn an upgraded club championship by recruiting 10 new members. The 10 new members need not be recruited within any specific time period (for example, you could recruit three new members in 2010, four in 2011 and three more in 2012). The club manager will be notified when the club has recruited 10 new members. Payment is at the same rate as regular club games. Masterpoints awards can be found in the Masterpoint Awards Chart at the end of this chapter.

A maximum of two upgraded club championship games per session may be held in one calendar year.


Clubs holding newcomer games (an upper masterpoint limit of not more than 20) at the same time as an open, invitational or restricted game may include the newcomer game tables when computing awards for the open, masterpoint-restricted or invitational game.

If a club chooses to run a flighted game, tables in any restricted sections count toward club masterpoint awards for any unrestricted section in play at that club during that session, (subject to the usual restriction for a rating point game, that the maximum awarded shall be 1.50). If there are two or more unrestricted sections, they shall share the credit for any other tables equally.


ACBL is always interested in passing along helpful hints on club operations. If you have a program you believe would be useful for other clubs, send the idea(s) to us and we will consider publishing it in an ACBL publication or on our website.


Club officials can offer memberships to new players. If an applicant is found to have been a member previously, the membership fee will be pro-rated at the current membership rate.
For every 10 new members recruited, a club earns an upgraded club championship. For every 25 new members you recruit in a calendar year, you will receive a $100 gift certificate to Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies.
For every 100 new members you recruit (regardless of the number of years it takes to recruit them starting in 2002), you will receive a bonus check for $500. In addition, for the first 100 new members recruited, the ACBL will send you a certificate recognizing you as an ACBL Star Recruiter. Only club officials submitting their Social Security number or Tax Identification Number with the application will be eligible for rebates and certificates.


ACBL will subsidize teachers, clubs and units who wish to use advertising to recruit students for bridge lessons or to promote the game. This subsidy will be 50% of the cost of the advertising program up to a maximum of $500 per program. Advertising must be for newcomer programs, beginner bridge lessons or ACBL membership. Eligible media are radio, television, newspapers, magazines, direct mail, outdoor, yellow pages, fliers, handbills and statement stuffers. Contact the ACBL Marketing Department for further information.