The result of every sanctioned event must be reported to the ACBL office (usually electronically), and ACBL directly issues the masterpoints won in club games, unit championships or higher-rated events. Clubs may issue Club Masterpoint receipts for masterpoints won in club-sanctioned games. First time new members may provide club rating point receipts and/or references to points won at tournaments. Upon verification, the points won, to a maximum of 20, at clubs and/or tournaments will be credited to the member’s record upon joining ACBL.

Clubs must use a current version of ACBLscore to keep track of members’ masterpoint winnings. All clubs must send their monthly report by email to ACBL for official recording to members’ records. Reports sent in on hard copy may incur additional fees (applies only to existing clubs not currently using ACBLscore). Clubs may still issue Club Masterpoint receipts to non-members and newcomer members as well as any player who requests them. Club managers must record the masterpoint winnings accurately.

ACBL prints masterpoint confirmation notices every month in the member’s copy of the ACBL Bridge Bulletin, reflecting masterpoint winnings that have been recorded and credited to their lifetime totals during the previous month. The confirmation notices indicate the previous balance, the new credits, the new total, and the tournaments, dates, events, and clubs in which the masterpoints were won. In addition, the non-Life Masters’ notices show the red, gold, silver, and black point totals currently held and the points needed, by color, to earn Life Master status. See Chapter 2, Section Two.