• The minimum/maximum number of days a Regional may be held is as follows:
  1. Open or Senior Regional — minimum of three days.
  2. Youth Regional, Junior Regional and masterpoint limited Regionals – minimum of two days.
  3. Individual Regional — no more than two and one-half days. In addition one-session charity or fund game may be held the afternoon of the first day
  • A Regional may not be more than seven days in duration.
  1. A regional tournament may start on any day of the week and (with the exceptions of Regionals at Sea) must be scheduled on consecutive days until its conclusion; provided that a tournament that starts on Sunday must end no later than the following Friday.
  2. A two-session event that is run for the ACBL Charity Foundation, the ACBL Educational Foundation, the ACBL Junior Fund, the International Fund, or the Canadian equivalent of these may be held the first day of a seven day Regional. The current formulas will be used to determine the minimum monetary contributions for these games.
  • A Regional running concurrent with a World Bridge Championship may be of a length equal to the WBF Championship.
  • Only events scheduled for two or more sessions at Regionals may award gold points.
  • A District may join with other Districts to co-sponsor a Regional or to hold a split Regional. If co-sponsored, but held at one site, the tournament will count against one District’s allocation. If co-sponsored but held at two different sites the tournament will count against both Districts’ allocations. A District may, with permission, hold a Regional in a contiguous District.
  • Exclusive of Knockout Teams and Side Game Series events, a Regional may schedule up to four gold point sessions per day. For purposes of this regulation overlapping schedules are deemed to be the same two sessions since participation in one of the events preclude entry into the other. For example 10:00 a.m./3:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m./7:30 p.m. Management may, with cause, disallow more than two gold point sessions per day.
  • A District may move a Regional from the calendar year in which it hosts an NABC to any of the three prior years or any of the three succeeding years providing the Regional meets with all requirements under “Scheduling of Regional Tournaments.” This regulation extends to include Acts of God or hotels canceling contracts. Other unforeseen circumstances may be included as determined by the Arbitration Panel.
  • Whenever the ACBL Board of Directors, or the Executive Committee, is considering holding a special event at a Regional, or any other District function, that District’s president and District Director must be notified, and such event(s) must not be scheduled without permission of the District through such notice from the District Director.
  • The Regional Tournament Allocation Plan will be reviewed at least every five years.