A club may conduct one or more regularly scheduled games under one sanction at varying sites. The club must list all regularly scheduled games that will award masterpoints and all addresses where these games will be held on the sanction application. Once the sanction is granted, only those game sessions listed on the application may award masterpoints. If a schedule change is contemplated or proposed, two weeks notice must be given to ACBL before the change may be made. However, no notice is necessary if a club’s regularly scheduled session falls on the evening (6:00 p.m. or later) of December 31 (New Year’s Eve). The club may schedule two sessions of play that night – one to begin before midnight and the other after.


A club may add or change game sessions on a sanction any time during the year, provided that it notifies in writing, the ACBL Club and Member Services Department and pays a fee for each game session changed. See Appendix G.


ACBL regulations permit the canceling of a specific session without penalty. See Chapter 4, Section Three, IV, E. The club manager or director must note the canceled game session on the Monthly Report Form. No fees are refunded for canceled game sessions.


ACBL sanctions are not exclusive. ACBL encourages open competition among clubs and will sanction two or more club games simultaneously in the same community but usually not at the same location. When two or more club games do occupy the same quarters (as happens when a group of sanction holders cooperate to maintain a city bridge center), they may not operate simultaneously unless their games are of a different class.  Units may not compete with existing club sessions. A unit may sponsor a club session or sessions when no existing club session(s) is in operation in a given area. Exception: Units operating a club-type session prior to a new session receiving sanction may continue to do so.


Clubs that operate in full compliance with ACBL regulations remain in good standing. On application, ACBL will renew their game sanctions for the following year. However, ACBL will not renew sanctions for clubs that have unresolved problems with monthly or special game reports until the problems are resolved. ACBL is not obligated to renew sanctions for clubs with significant violations of ACBL rules and regulations.