When scheduling club championships a club must comply with a number of ACBL regulations.


A club must hold each of the four club championship sessions for one weekly game during a different calendar quarter of the year, except for an event it conducts in two sessions. A club may not carry over a club championship from one year to the next for the purpose of conducting a two-session event. See E. following.


A club may change the playing site of a club championship session from that of its regular game to accommodate increased attendance or the serving of refreshments. To change the site the club must obtain prior written approval from the unit that has jurisdiction over the area in which the championship is to be held.


Once a year a club may hold a one- or two-session club championship at a time other than that of the game it represents. To do so, the club must obtain written permission from all other clubs holding sanctioned games within a 25-mile radius that hold games on that day of the week.


Clubs are allowed to hold either regular club championship (18+ boards) or shortened club championships (12-17) boards played. The total number of club championships, including regular and shortened, will remain the same as currently allowed. The overall awards for shortened club championships are 60% of regular club championships.

The shortened club championship (12-17 boards) overall award is capped at 4.50 masterpoints and the regular club championship (18+ boards) is capped at 6.00 masterpoints.


Conducting a two-session club championship uses two of the four quarterly club championships allocated for the year, whether they are played in two consecutive sessions in different quarters (last session of the quarter and first session of the next quarter) or in one quarter (afternoon-evening play through). For example, a club game sanctioned for Saturday afternoon may operate a two-session club championship on two consecutive Saturday afternoons. When the consecutive days fall in the same calendar quarter, the club must forgo a championship event in some other quarter.

Once a year a club may schedule a two-session event on a day other than that for which it is sanctioned. For example, a club sanctioned for a Wednesday session may conduct the two-session event on Saturday afternoon and evening. The club must obtain written approval from all other Saturday clubs within a 25-mile radius, even if the club is itself sanctioned for either Saturday afternoon or Saturday evening. The club must forgo a club championship event in another calendar quarter if it makes use of this option.

If a club is sanctioned for Saturday afternoon and evening, it could hold a two-session club championship all in one day. One club championship session would be charged against each sanctioned game session.


If a club holds its club championship on a day for which it is not sanctioned to hold its regular sessions, and it has the written permission of other clubs holding sessions at that time, it may still hold a club masterpoint game on its regular day. The club must note the occurrence of both games on the Monthly Report Form, attach all written permissions to it, and submit appropriate payment with the form.


In areas in which two or more clubs are sanctioned to hold games simultaneously, attendance at some clubs may drop if one of the clubs stages a club championship. To prevent this, the unit having jurisdiction may adopt and enforce a back-to-back plan, under which all clubs in the playing area holding games during the same session must schedule their club championships in direct competition with each other. Use of this plan is optional with the unit.