A. PURPOSES OF THE WBF  The World Bridge Federation is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to:

  • Promote, foster and promulgate the game of contract bridge throughout the world;
  • Federate national contract bridge associations in all countries;
  • Devise methods and conduct competitions to award international or world championship titles;
  • Establish standard laws for its contests adopting the International Code and supplementing it as may be required, but supplementary matter must be consistent with the Code.

B. ACTIVITIES OF THE WBF  The activities of the World Bridge Federation include:

  • The promotion, fostering and promulgation of the game of Duplicate Contract Bridge throughout the world;
  • The provision of a central organization for the co-ordination of necessary revisions to the laws and appeals; The organization of Championships on a world-wide basis;
  • The promotion of a Masterpoints Scheme for recognizing achievement in World and Zonal contests;
  • The provision of assistance and advice to NBOs on matters pertaining to the Laws and Appeals;
  • The provision of a teaching program and teaching materials http://www.worldbridge.org/development/teaching-bridge/ free of charge to assist bridge teachers;
  • The maintenance of necessary central records;


The American Contract Bridge League’s four member countries – Bermuda, Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. are charter members of the World Bridge Federation (WBF). With the exception of Bermuda which is in Zone 5, they form WBF Zone 2, one of eight world-wide Zonal Conferences, which is geographically coincident with ACBL.

Each member country (called a National Bridge Organization, or NBO) may designate a Delegate to the WBF Congress. The Congress has all the powers in the WBF not delegated under its Constitution or Bylaws to the Executive Council and serves as an advisory body to the Executive. Meetings of the Congress are held in even-numbered years at the World Championships.

Zone 2 is entitled to five representatives on the WBF Executive Council. The representatives are elected by the ACBL Board of Directors.

Membership in the Executive Council includes five representatives from each of Zone 1 (Europe) and Zone 2, one representative from each of Zones 3 through 8, and the WBF President. The management of the affairs, property and business of the WBF is vested in the Executive. Meetings are held each year in conjunction with the World Championships.


World Bridge Federation Championships are usually held sometime in September or October according to a four-year cycle. For more information on WBF Championships go to www.worldbridge.org.