The tournament chairman is, among other things, the liaison with the Director-in-Charge (DIC) and the sponsoring organization. The ACBL Tournament Department is available to answer any pertinent questions. The tournament chairman should discuss specifics with the DIC at the proper times. It is important for the tournament chairman to put together an effective team of volunteers for committees such as publicity, entertainment, and prizes.


The tournament chairman directs all pre-tournament arrangements for the sponsoring organization and is responsible for the sponsor’s compliance with all ACBL rules and regulations. The tournament chairman may delegate duties and authority but has final responsibility for all decisions regarding the tournament.


The tournament chairman works with facility management to make sure the facility fulfills all contractual agreements and provides all services in a timely, satisfactory manner. Liaison between the DIC and the tournament facility manager is the responsibility of the tournament chairman.


Any hospitality arrangements which affect the tournament playing area or timing should be discussed with the DIC to make sure that these arrangements mesh with the orderly progress of the tournament. Food and beverage services (snack bars and cocktails) are hospitality items that some players view as necessities.


Some of the sponsor’s options are listed below (for more information consult the Resource Guide for Planning Sectional and Regional Tournaments on the ACBL website.

  • Staff – request DIC (and sometimes also request specific staff members)
  • Finances – receive and disburse funds throughout the tournament or settle with the DIC at the conclusion
  • Caddies – hiring arrangements, training and payment
  • Approval of player’s checks
  • Free plays, if any – how they are to be handled
  • Number of boards to be played in newcomer/intermediate games and special novice promotions, if any
  • Prizes and section top awards – provision and distribution
  • Daily Bulletin
  • Post-tournament publicity – request needed information from DIC
  • Hospitality breaks
  • Swiss team scoring (Victory point or win/loss)
  • Seeding – directors or seeding committee

The tournament chairman should discuss these options and other areas of responsibility with the DIC prior to the tournament.


The tournament chairman should consult with the DIC about decisions that deal with the financial aspects of the tournament operation. The DIC will be responsible for the collection and disbursement of money during the tournament and will be responsible for tournament funds for the duration of the tournament unless the tournament chairman informs the DIC that the sponsoring organization will appoint someone to receive funds after each sale and disburse funds as necessary. In either case, selling shortages are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.

Routine sale shortages will not be replaced by ACBL; however, substantial shortages from theft or criminal negligence will be covered by ACBL. The funds will normally be stored in the hotel safe deposit facility. Unless the sponsoring organization has assumed the handling of funds, the DIC must:

  • Be the custodian for all funds collected
  • Pay all staff
  • Make all authorized disbursements
  • Give the tournament chairman (or other designated person) a complete financial report and any funds due the sponsor immediately after the tournament is over
  • Get a check from the tournament chairman (or other designated person) for the amount due ACBL

If another person has been given the responsibility for tournament finances, this person must arrange to:

  • Receive the funds collected by the entry sellers
  • Pay for all staff costs and expenses
  • Ensure the security of the receipts
  • Have a check for the funds due the ACBL ready for the DIC at the conclusion of the tournament
  • Sign the tournament balance sheet