To allow players an approximately equal chance to win masterpoints, each field of play and/or comparison within an event should be roughly equal. To accomplish this, either a seeding committee or the directing staff places entrants so that approximately the same number of strong and weak players, partnerships or teams play in each field. If a seeding committee is employed, they will have the authority for seeding decisions unless the DIC determines that the committee’s exercise of its authority is detrimental to the orderly progress of the event or tournament.

Usually Swiss team events at tournaments are not seeded (opponents are randomly chosen) for the first match of the event. Subsequently teams are matched according to their record.

The tournament chairman, in consultation with the DIC, will determine the procedures for seeding. Guidelines for seeders, if seeding is done by other than the tournament directing staff, are as follows:

  • Seeders should arrive in a timely manner
  • Seeders should accept advice from the director selling entries
  • Seeders should keep the lines moving (avoid lengthy deliberations)
  • Seeders must not handle money