All fees and charges for sanctions are payable in U.S. funds or designated equivalent.


ACBL considers a club game new if it has not been sanctioned previously at the specific location for which it is applying, if it failed to renew its sanction by January 31, if it is on inactive status, or if it has not conducted regularly scheduled duplicate games during the preceding calendar year. However, if a club moves to a new location in the same area and retains its club number, ACBL does not consider it new. Should a new club game sanction be denied, a specific reason will be given.


When a club files its annual sanction application, it must include the fee for each regularly scheduled game session. This fee is paid once a year. See Appendix G. A regularly scheduled game session is held at the same time of day, on the same day of the week, either weekly, every other week (for example, every other Wednesday), twice a month (for example, the second and fourth Wednesday of every month), or monthly. Games that operate for a short time during the year (for example, during summer months) are subject to this fee, just as if sessions were held throughout the year.


A club must pay a fee for each table in play. Clubs not using ACBLscore, must show on the Monthly Report Form the number of game sessions played, as well as an exact listing of the number of tables in play at each game session. See Chapter 4, Page 5, Table 4.1. The club must send this report to ACBL along with the remittance to cover the fees due. Clubs will be charged an additional $2 per game fee if they either mail a hard copy of the monthly masterpoint and financial reports or submit reports using an outdated version of ACBLscore. New clubs requesting sanctions will be required to report electronically using ACBLscore.

NOTE: Table and session sanction fees are waived for any game that a club schedules to recruit new members and for which it charges no entry fee.