To become a member of ACBL, an applicant fills out a new member application, which is submitted with the appropriate fee to ACBL. ACBL mails the member a new member packet, which contains the permanent membership card and pertinent information about ACBL.


Currently ACBL prints and mails membership renewal invoices in a timely manner before each membership expires and again at the due date if it is still unpaid. Each member is sent a permanent membership card soon after first joining ACBL. If this card is lost, the member can get a new one for a fee by contacting the ACBL Club Membership Department. See Appendix G.

ACBL grants members a one-month grace period after their membership expiration date. If their dues are still not paid at that time, they are put on an “inactive” status. The return envelopes ACBL sends with the dues invoices are addressed directly to the bank that processes the payments (one in Canada and one in the United States). The bank deposits the checks and sends ACBL a computer record for updating the members’ records.


Life Masters who are not Life Members are treated the same as Non-Life Master members.


ACBL invoices Life Members for their service fees in a timely manner before they are due and again at the due date if they still are not paid. If the Life Member does not respond by the due date, ACBL puts him or her on an “unpaid” status. Life Members who do not pay their service fees are still active ACBL members, but they receive neither The Bridge Bulletin nor masterpoint confirmation notices. In addition, they are not eligible to have their names published in any of the masterpoint races, or be included on any Life Master upgrade list, or receive a free trip to any NABC or any event for which ACBL provides a monetary reimbursement, or receive discounted entries at ACBL-sanctioned tournaments or play in NABC+ events.


ACBL offers multi-year memberships for three years at reduced rates. Household memberships are offered to two members living at the same address at a reduced rate for the two. Household members receive one Bridge Bulletin instead of two. Patron memberships are offered at a greatly increased rate, entitling such members to a number of additional membership benefits.

A Household Patron membership is also available. Student and Youth memberships are available at a reduced rate. See Appendix G for prices and fees.