Units with jurisdiction over large areas, including locations with high population concentrations, should select an election procedure that provides proportionate representation on the unit board. Each member must have a reasonable opportunity to participate in selecting at least his or her own area representative, if not all board members.

When the unit is divided into a fixed number of areas, each of these areas should be able to elect the number of board representatives proportionate to its share of the unit membership as a whole. The size of the unit board is fixed by its bylaws, and the proportional representation may be included and reviewed periodically. Members in each area may elect only their own representatives or can vote for the entire slate of candidates.

In all cases, unit bylaws must (1) denote the number of members to be elected to the unit board, and (2) specify election procedures. No matter how the unit conducts the election, it should announce the results to the membership and send the results to ACBL as soon as possible.