A. NON-LIFE MASTERS  Members whose ACBL memberships lapse are classified as “inactive” and do not receive monthly masterpoint confirmation notices or the monthly Bridge Bulletin and may not serve on unit or district boards. An inactive member may reinstate his or her membership by paying the current dues. There is no additional charge for membership reinstatement, nor must the member pay back dues. Such reinstatement includes reinstatement of the masterpoint record, as it was when the membership lapsed.

A former member who has not paid dues for over 90 days, and has become a non-member, is entitled to pay dues that were due and owing for whatever period of time he had non-member status (this payment may be for only those years in which the non-member won points and for which the non-member wishes to pay). Any former member who reinstates for a three –year period will have all unrecorded masterpoints credited at no charge. All masterpoints earned during the non-member period for which payment is received will be recorded to the extent possible.


Any member who pays his dues within 90 days after his membership paid-through date will have his masterpoints recorded free of charge. Such dues payment will be credited from the original paid-through date and no break in membership recorded.


Life Members who do not pay their annual Life Member service fees are classified as “unpaid.” Unpaid Life Members are active members; however, like inactive members, they do not receive monthly masterpoint confirmation notices or the monthly Bridge Bulletin. Unpaid Life Members are not eligible for inclusion in any masterpoint race or to receive qualified reimbursements to an NABC or any event for which ACBL provides a monetary reimbursement.  When unpaid Life Members pay the currently due service fee, they once again begin receiving monthly masterpoint confirmation notices and the Bridge Bulletin.