OPEN: Any ACBL member or any non-member may participate in an open tournament unless expressly prohibited from doing so by a judicial body of the ACBL.

SENIOR: Only players who were born before January1, 1959 may participate.

JUNIOR: All participants must be 25 years of age or younger.

UNIVERSITY: Only registered college students and ACBL juniors may participate. Each University may hold one such tournament per year.

LIMITED: Limited sectional tournaments may be held specifically as 0-100, 0-200, 0-300, or 0-500 masterpoints. The per table sanction fee for a limited sectional will be $1 less than the fees for an open sectional.

PROGRESSIVE: A progressive tournament consists of one week of qualifying sessions in participating clubs, with a single-session final held at a central site after completion of club play. The sponsoring unit should hold the one-session final within two weeks after completing the last club qualifying game. Two separate qualifying events may be held, with the single-session final of each event held on the same day.


• A STaC may be scheduled for up to seven consecutive days, but may include only one weekend — however, Management may grant an exception to the weekend requirement for cause. A sanction application must be sent to the appropriate District Tournament Coordinator at least 12 months prior to the scheduled tournament date. The ACBL may sanction a STaC when it receives the sanction application with fewer than 12 months advance notice if there are no scheduling conflicts and the STaC can be advertised in the Bridge Bulletin calendar schedule at least one month prior.

• While only Units may apply for a sanction to hold a STaC there is no objection to a Unit nominating a District or Districts to conduct the tournament. In District-wide STaCs all clubs within the District(s) must be offered the opportunity to participate. Participation is at the club level when sponsored by a District. If a Unit outside of the sponsoring District chooses to participate, all clubs within that Unit must be invited to participate.

• The organization receiving the sanction (sponsoring organization – ‘SO’) is responsible for the collection of any fees due from a participating ACBL sanctioned game.

• A sponsor may schedule morning, afternoon and/or evening sessions. For the purpose of determining in which session a club should participate, use the standard club session designations. Many STaCs schedule only two sessions per day. The local sponsor must designate the sessions to be scheduled. As an example: Morning games would be those starting prior to 12:00 local time, afternoon games start prior to 18:00 local time, and evening games 18:00 and later. Morning and afternoon games may not be combined as day games.

• When a club wishes to participate in a STaC for a session other than their regularly scheduled game, the unit may decide these cases. This authority to disallow a club from participating in a STaC extends only to games which conflict with another game for that session and only to games being conducted at other than their regularly scheduled time. Any club desiring to participate at their regularly scheduled time must be permitted to do so.

• In order to be eligible for overall awards in a STaC, or any event that is scored across more than one club, the minimum number of boards played is set at 20.

• Playing directors in STaC games and their partners are ineligible to receive overall STaC masterpoint (silver point) awards, but are eligible to receive section awards.

NON-CHAMPIONSHIP SECTIONAL: A unit of 200 or fewer members or a sectional tournament which averages 15 or fewer tables per session my run up to three non-championship sectionals a year.

a. This sectional is not required to use a tournament director.
b. A club or higher rated director may be used.
c. This sectional will award silver points.
d. The M value will be no more than .65 of an open sectional.
e. This sectional must have a sanction and meet all other requirements.
f. This sectional will be listed in the Bridge Bulletin with an * that it is non-championship with silver points at .65 of an open sectional award.
g. The sanction fees will be the same as for an open sectional.


A Unit not running at least two 99er Sectional tournaments  per year is encouraged to grant approval to any club within its jurisdiction  that applies for a sanction to run such a tournament. Sanction  notification/application per existing regulations will be forwarded to the  District’s tournament coordinator for his or her approval.


• All Sectionals at Sea (SAS) shall be subject to the following regulations:

a. An application for sanction should be submitted through TourneyTRAX to the ACBL at least three months in advance.

b. The application will contain the following information:
1. Ship’s name and Cruise Line, departure/arrival dates, and ports. Plus the Sponsor or Unit/District name, address and email.

2. A schedule of all ACBL events with scheduled lectures.

3. The schedule must meet the criteria as for a land-based Sectional.

4. The schedule and any advertising must be approved by ACBL.

5. A list of directors who will be operating the games.

6. Directors must be approved by ACBL.

7. ACBL may require the director(s) to take a certification test.

• Masterpoint awards

a. 80% of Open Sectional if an active tournament director is requested
and assigned.
b. 65% of Open Sectional (non-championship) if an active ACBL
tournament director is not utilized.

• There should be adequate playing space for all sessions scheduled and expected attendance.

• The SAS bridge package may be purchased in advance or on board, albeit at different prices, subject to available playing space and staffing.

• Sectional at Sea sanction fees can be found in Appendix G.

• If an active tournament director is assigned, the tournament director per-session fee will also be payable to the ACBL. There will be no sectional surcharge. The sponsor will be responsible for the director(s) transportation costs.

• Sectionals at Sea will be subject to the same general conflict rules as land-based Sectionals. Currently, no SAS may depart from a port within 25 miles of a concurrent land-based Sectional or Regional.


• Management is authorized to award a sectional sanction to a non-ACBL sponsor to conduct a tournament in other than ACBL territory as long as:

a. the NBO (if no NBO, the appropriate WBF zonal representative) gives
written permission,

b. tournament directors meet ACBL standards,

c. normal per table sanction fees are paid to ACBL,

d. the sponsoring organization will abide by all ACBL regulations then in effect,

e. the host country’s laws are not contrary to ACBL regulations then in effect.