A club may conduct a club championship as any type of standard individual, pair, or team event. An individual event can be run so that each compass direction is a distinct comparison group or can be run as an open individual. See Section Two, V.

Pair or team events can be run as regular open events (may be stratified or handicapped), or with the following gender, masterpoint, or age restrictions:

  • MEN’S PAIRS/TEAMS – all participants must be male.
  • WOMEN’S PAIRS/TEAMS – all participants must be female.
  • MIXED PAIRS/TEAMS – all pairs must be composed of one male and one female player.
  • UNMIXED PAIRS/TEAMS – all pairs/teams must contain either all male or all female players.
  • MASTER PAIRS/TEAMS – at least one member of each pair/team must have a minimum number of masterpoints.
  • NON-MASTER PAIRS/TEAMS – all players must have fewer than a specified number of masterpoints.
  • JUNIOR PAIRS/TEAMS – all players must be under 26 years of age.
  • SENIOR PAIRS/TEAMS – all players must be 55 years of age or older.