A unit is encouraged to carry out the following:

  • Conduct sectional tournaments and regional and/or NABC tournaments when authorized by the district.
  • Perform basic marketing functions as established by the ACBL Board of Directors.
  • Encourage people to conduct ACBL-sanctioned club games within the unit.
  • Promote the development and enrollment of bridge players as members of ACBL.
  • Promote interest in duplicate bridge by providing a continuous and attractive program of bridge events to supplement those offered by clubs with sanctioned games.
  • Cooperate with the district and ACBL in the promotion of district-wide and ACBL-wide tournaments.
  • Establish and maintain amicable relations with neighboring units, the district and conferences, thus fostering cooperation on matters of mutual interest.
  • Select people to fill the positions of Education Liaison, Tournament Coordinator and Intermediate/Newcomer Coordinator.
  • Conduct other activities in keeping with its purposes.