The territory under ACBL’s jurisdiction is divided into as many geographical districts as the ACBL Board of Directors, with the approval of the ACBL Board of Governors, shall designate. There are currently 25 geographically defined districts within ACBL territory.


Each district shall establish bylaws. The ACBL Board of Directors also empowers the district to exercise the prerogatives assigned to it by ACBL. The prerogatives given to the districts may increase or decrease in scope by the passage of new regulations.


Districts have certain rights and responsibilities which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A vacancy in the office of District Director shall be filled by the First Alternate Director for the unexpired remainder of the term. A vacancy in the office of First Alternate Director shall be filled by the Second Alternate Director for the remainder of the term. A vacancy in the office of Second Alternate Director shall be filled in accordance with regulations established by the affected district organization.
  • In conjunction with a designated (non-home) district, the district may approve a member’s joining a unit in the designated district rather than a unit in his or her home district.
  • The district may make recommendations to the ACBL Board of Directors on the consolidation, division or dissolution of units within its boundaries.
  • The district must have a tournament coordinator who is responsible for approving tournament dates and schedules of events for sectional and regional tournaments within the district, and for helping resolve tournament date conflicts within and outside the district.
  • The district must have a designated electronic contact. ACBL may require business between ACBL and districts to be conducted electronically.
  • The district serves as a clearinghouse for scheduling sectional tournaments in the district and for coordinating such schedules with neighboring districts. When an intra district dispute or misunderstanding occurs, the district, as empowered by its member units, may act as fact finder, arbitrator, or both.
  • The district serves as the host organization for NABCs held within its geographical boundaries. It may, at its sole discretion, delegate such sponsorship to a unit(s) within its geographical boundaries.
  • The district organizes and operates the regional tournaments assigned to it, but it may assign such tournaments to units within its jurisdiction.
  • The district organizes and conducts district-wide contests to select winners to represent it in the various flights of the ACBL Grand National Teams finals and the ACBL North American Pairs finals.
  • The district has control over its own disciplinary matters and must have a District Disciplinary and a District Appellate Committee. See Chapter 11 and Appendix D, The ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations.