ACBL, its districts, and its units through an appropriate disciplinary body may discipline a member, providing the disciplinary procedures do not violate the member’s rights as described in Chapter 11 and are in accordance with the ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations. See Chapter 11 and Appendix D.

An ACBL member shall be deemed to be in “good standing” when such member’s dues, if dues are required, are current and such member is not:

  • expelled,
  • serving a term of suspension,
  • serving indefinite probation,
  • serving a probation the initial term of which was 24 or more months,
  • serving a term of probation following a suspension, the initial term of which was in excess of 90 days. A member who is not in good standing as defined herein shall not be entitled to serve in any elected or appointed position in ACBL.