New members that have had memberships in other bridge organizations or continue to hold membership in other bridge organizations MUST report both that affiliation and the rank achieved. Failure to report these may result in loss of any points or titles won that were not won in open events. Such new members will not be eligible for events or races that are below the comparable rank that they have achieved in other organizations.

ABA masterpoints: An American Bridge League (ABA) member who is also an ACBL member is given 10% of his total ABA points up to a maximum of 200 ACBL red points. This is a one-time award, normally done when the ABA member first joins ACBL.

WBF masterpoints: WBF masterpoints won at the following WBF world championship events not played within the confines of ACBL will be converted to ACBL points for overall placings:

The Bermuda Bowl; the Venice Cup; the Senior Bermuda Bowl; the Rosenblum Cup; the McConnell Cup; the Senior Teams; the Open, Women’s, Seniors and Mixed Pairs held at the World Championships; the Olympiad Open and Women’s Team World Championships.