• An Arbitration Panel is established. All panel members will be District Directors or their designees.

a. The Panel will consist of five people, two from each zone without the conflict and one from the zone with the conflict. No one from the Districts involved may sit on the Panel.

b. If there is a conflict between two Districts or more in different zones, three people from the third zone and one from each of the two zones with a conflict will be on the Panel. Again, no one from the Districts involved may be on the Panel.

c. For the selection process, the zonal representatives will pick the members of the Panel from their zones as long as their zone is not involved. The ACBL President or Chairman of the Board will appoint the person from the “conflict” zone. Since the list of District Directors is updated each year, the list will be automatically current.

d. For timely sanction applications, if the parties involved cannot resolve the conflict, both applications will be sanctioned with the following proviso: the timely application of a traditional tournament date will take precedence over the timely application of a non-traditional tournament date.

1) In cases where there are a timely and an untimely application: If the District with the timely application claims there is a conflict, the Arbitration Panel agrees there is a conflict and the conflict cannot be resolved, the untimely application will not be sanctioned.

2) For equally untimely sanction applications, both applications will be sanctioned. For the purpose of defining “equally untimely,” applications received that would be listed on consecutive bi-weekly updates will be so deemed.

3) The cases where there are non-equal untimely applications will be treated the same as timely/untimely with the earlier application being timely and the other untimely.

e. The Arbitration Panel will make a determination that a conflict exists after a request from Management or a District holding, or applying for, a sanction. Decisions will be reached after consulting internal resources, demographics of tournament attendance (if available), usual tournament size, data from involved parties, etc. The decision of the Arbitration Panel will be FINAL.