Every unit must have a Unit Tournament Coordinator who approves sanction applications for Sectional Tournaments.


1. Sectional Tournaments

• The Unit Tournament coordinator is the recipient of Sectional applications for tournaments to be held in the unit.

• Check the tournament schedule found on the ACBL website for possible conflicts within your district and any adjoining district.

• Approve the application. The form is automatically forwarded to the appropriate District Tournament Coordinator for approval.

• Submit applications for special requests, such as, but not limited to, Senior Olympic Games scheduled in your unit.


Sectional sanction applications must be submitted one year in advance to be timely. However, a sectional may be scheduled and sanctioned at any time provided the tournament can be included in the tournament listing in the ACBL Bridge Bulletin at least one month prior to the tournament and any rules or regulations regarding conflicts are met.

Sectional sanction applications received are issued a sanction number.

A sectional tournament scheduled and sanctioned one year in advance takes precedence over other sectional and regional tournaments not sanctioned one year in advance. Any unit attempting to obtain a sanction for a sectional tournament less than one year out must abide by the rules and regulations governing conflicts. See C. following.

All sectional tournaments of five days or less have the same status and the same rules and regulations apply.

Only units may apply for a sanction to hold Sectional Tournaments. However, there is no objection to a unit nominating another organization to conduct the Sectional, provided that it does so in writing and provided there is no objection (for cause) by ACBL Management to the sponsor nominated. If the district within which the unit is situated is the nominated sponsor, the foregoing right of objection by management does not apply.

A unit not running at least two 99er Sectional tournaments per year is encouraged to grant approval to any club within its jurisdiction that applies for a sanction to run such a tournament and forward the sanction notification/application to the District tournament coordinator for approval.


When a sectional tournament is in conflict with another sectional or regional tournament within the same district, that district is the final authority as to whether any or all tournaments thought to be in conflict will be sanctioned.

In situations where more than one district is involved, ACBL management will make a determination that a conflict exists, either on its own initiative or after a request by a party holding a sanction or applying for one. This determination will be reached by consulting internal resources, demographics of tournament attendance (if available), usual tournament size, data from involved parties, etc. If there is a disagreement with management’s determination of conflict, either party may request arbitration for the purpose of determining conflict. The arbitrator’s decision will be final.

For information regarding the arbitration of tournament conflicts and the effect of the timeliness of tournament sanction applications as it applies to the sanctioning of tournaments, See Section Two, IV.


For all sectionals, except progressive, STaCs and Sectionals at Sea, there is a surcharge in addition to a per table sanction fee due ACBL. For the amounts of these fees and charges, see Appendix G.


The ACBL General Convention Chart applies unless it is noted on the sanction application that additional conventions may be used. See Appendix A. Tournament sponsors may apply to use the SuperChart or a part thereof for any event with no upper masterpoint limit when at least 12-board segments are played, provided notice is included in the tournament advertising.

Tournament sponsors may use the Mid-Chart or a part thereof for any unrestricted Flight A event or any bracket of a bracketed knockout event which contains no team with a bracket designator (average masterpoints for the entire team or the top two players) of less than 1500 masterpoints, provided notice is posted at the tournament. They may apply to use the Mid-chart for all events.