A unit is allowed to elect its officers either by vote of the general membership or by vote of the unit board. Each unit should have a president, a vice president, a secretary, and a treasurer as provided by the unit’s bylaws. In units that have a small number of members, the same individual may serve as both secretary and treasurer simultaneously. Units may include in their bylaws provision for other officers. For example, large units may elect or appoint recording secretaries.
Many large units find it convenient and necessary to employ salaried business managers or to pay their secretaries and/or treasurers regular stipends.

Unit bylaws should describe the duties and responsibilities of the unit officers. If they do not, the unit board must enact regulations that describe them. Whether in bylaws or enacted regulations, unit officers’ responsibilities should conform as closely as possible to the descriptions below.

A. PRESIDENT  The unit president presides at all meetings of the unit board of directors and all general meetings of the unit membership. The president appoints all committees and serves on them as an ex-officio member (but not on the nominating committee), except when the unit bylaws or regulations specify otherwise. He or she exercises general supervision over the activities of the unit and performs other duties that are incidental to office, including those the unit board assigns.

B. VICE PRESIDENT  In the absence or incapacity of the president, the vice president assumes the president’s duties and performs other duties that the president or board may assign.

C. SECRETARY  The secretary maintains a roster of unit members and sends meeting notices to the members and directors. He or she attends all membership and board of directors meetings and records and keeps the board minutes. The unit secretary keeps records of all tournaments and other unit activities and completes and files all unit reports that ACBL requires. The secretary also receives and files the reports of all officers and committees and usually is responsible for the maintenance of membership records. The unit board may delegate any of the secretary’s duties to other employees or appointees.

D. TREASURER  The treasurer has custody of and is responsible for all funds, securities, and properties of the unit. He or she deposits such funds in the bank or banks designated by the board. From these funds the treasurer pays unit obligations as directed by the board, keeps accurate records, and makes financial reports as directed by the board.  The treasurer normally is bonded, at unit expense, for the faithful performance of his or her duties and for restoration to the unit of all books, papers, vouchers, money, and other unit property in his or her possession or control in the event of his or her death, resignation, retirement, or removal from office.  All units and districts are strongly urged to conduct an annual audit of their financial records. If an external audit by an independent professional is deemed too expensive, it is recommended that units and districts appoint an internal audit committee to, as a minimum, verify cash and cash equivalents and test major income and expense items.

E. UNIT ELECTRONIC CONTACT (UEC) The UEC is responsible for sending and receiving electronic communications between the unit and ACBL.