Spectators (kibitzers) may attend all ACBL tournaments except those at which the privilege of watching is specifically curtailed. The DIC may impose restrictions on spectators, as necessary, to preserve the orderly conduct of the game. He or she should, for example, disallow standing spectators. The DIC may limit the number of spectators at a given table, may forbid spectators from moving from one table to another, and may remove any or all specatators from a room.

Tournament players must extend the same reasonable privileges to spectators that the tournament officials grant them. While a player may not bar all spectators from the table, he or she may bar one spectator (excluding tournament officials, the recorder or his designee, or officially approved members of the press) without having to state any reason. If a player objects to the presence of other spectators, he or she must tell the DIC the reason(s) and request their removal from the table. If the DIC considers the request justified, appropriate action will be taken. The player must accept the DIC’s ruling on the matter for the session in question.