All units must have bylaws that are acceptable to ACBL and must file a copy with ACBL. Units in the formative process and units that desire to update old bylaws may obtain a set of suggested unit bylaws from ACBL.

ACBL requires that unit bylaws provide for at least one annual membership meeting (with adequate advance notice), at which each member has the opportunity to speak. It is ACBL policy that changes in unit bylaws be approved by the unit’s membership. Unit bylaws must clearly delineate methods for bylaw amendments and/or revisions.

ACBL recommends that unit bylaws or regulations provide for an elected board of directors that represents all unit members fairly, at least one annual audit of the unit’s financial condition presented to the members, careful consideration of the rights of all members, especially those who were in the minority in some unit issue, and reliable safeguards for members when the unit considers disciplinary action.