Formulating a tournament schedule is one of the most important functions of the tournament committee. A successful tournament needs a well thought-out schedule. Events must be included for players of greatly different abilities, levels of experience, and objectives while keeping in mind the delicate balance between the number of events and anticipated attendance.

Events may be held as either playthrough or qualifying. In a playthrough event all participants are expected to play for the duration of the event. The total scores of the participants determine the overall rankings.

Qualifying events reduce the field after specified sessions. In general, the carryover scores of the qualifiers are reduced after each elimination.

Consultation with the ACBL Field Supervisor for the district and/or the tournament director in charge of the tournament is highly recommended in the planning of the tournament schedule. Other resources available to the tournament committee include the ACBL Tournament Department, the area intermediate/newcomer coordinators, and The Resource Guide for Planning Sectional and Regional Tournaments found on the ACBL website.

A chart containing complete information on permissible events (including restrictions and scoring methods) is provided at the end of this Chapter.