A sanctioned club game awards masterpoints to approximately 40 % of the contestants in each session. Section awards for all games (open, invitational, restricted, and newcomer) are based on the number of pairs, teams, or individuals in each group. A complete listing of masterpoint awards available at club games is contained in the charts following Chapter 4.

For a unit championship or higher rated event, the magnitude of the masterpoint award is a function of a number of factors:

  • The number of tables entered in the event.
  • The classification of the event. The four classification ratings are: unit championship, sectional, regional, and national.
  • The number of sessions in the event.
  • The masterpoint limitations of the event.
  • The type of event, such as individual, pairs, Swiss teams, board-a-match teams, etc.
  • The masterpoint awards for knockout teams are based on separate formulas.
  • Awards for NABC championship events are either computed from the general formula or are predetermined awards set by the ACBL Board of Directors.

In addition special regulations apply to the following:

SPLIT REGIONAL TOURNAMENTS: Awards for first and second overall in gold point pair-type events held at split regionals are based on total attendance at both sites (either 80% of the award based on combined attendance or 100% of the award based on attendance at the individual location, whichever is higher).

GENDER/AGE RESTRICTED EVENTS: Awards for gender or age restricted events are reduced to 80% of an open event. If there are two such restrictions for one event, such as a senior women’s pairs, the awards will be reduced to 70% of an open pair event.

UNRESTRICTED EVENTS: Two-session events at regionals and sectionals which are unrestricted by masterpoint holding, gender or age will be credited with all tables in play in totally concurrent events for the purposes of computing overall masterpoint awards, up to a maximum total of three times the number of tables in play in the unrestricted event. Two or more concurrent unrestricted events share equally the available tables as above, but not each other’s tables.

Unrestricted events of more than two sessions supersede two-session events held on the first day of the multi-session event, and will be credited with the totally concurrent first-day tables of any type, as above. An unrestricted event with a lower limit and no upper limit is treated as an open even when there is no concurrent open event.

At a sectional tournament, one-session events which are unrestricted as above and are not concurrent with any session of a two-session or longer event shall be credited with all tables in play in concurrent same type events as above for the purpose of computing overall awards, up to a maximum total of three times the number of tables in play in the unrestricted event.

Unrestricted events and not similarly restricted events held at restricted regionals or sectionals award black points only. If these events are part of a sanctioned open sectional, concurrent with a restricted regional, silver points are awarded.  For further information about the awarding of masterpoints, contact the ACBL Tournament Department.