Masterpoints are awarded in six colors: platinum, gold, red, silver, black and unpigmented. The color of each point indicates the difficulty of the event in which it was won, as well as the member’s relative achievement in that event. See Section Four. Color-coding makes it possible to ascertain a member’s performance record in high-rated games.

  • PLATINUM POINTS are awarded for NABC+ events and include the national-rated senior and women’s events with no upper masterpoint limit but not the junior, flight B or other restricted events.
  • GOLD POINTS are awarded at North American Bridge Championships (NABCs) in national-rated events that have an upper limit of at least 750 masterpoints. Gold points are awarded for overall positions and for section firsts in all two-session regional-rated events with an upper limit of at least 750 masterpoints at NABCs and regional tournaments. No more than two strats or flights of the same event may issue gold points with the exception of bracketed knockout teams. Pairs filling in for one session of a two-session event receive any gold points earned. Partial gold point awards are given for certain special events.
  • RED POINTS are awarded for all regionally rated events at NABCs and for all events at a regional tournament when the masterpoints are not gold (see above). In addition, red points are awarded for certain special events.
  • SILVER POINTS are awarded exclusively in all events at sectional tournaments and also at ACBL-sanctioned sectional tournaments held in clubs.
  • BLACK POINTS are awarded for overall positions, section positions, and match awards in ACBL sanctioned club games; in all unit events; and in all other levels of tournament competition except those in which gold, red, or silver points or online points are awarded.
  • ONLINE POINTS are awarded for Internet masterpoint events and are colorless.