The unit bylaws or regulations should allow standing committees, as needed, to perform certain unit functions. The unit president may appoint ad hoc committees to supplement these standing committees. Typical standing committees are shown below.

A. DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE  The Disciplinary Committee receives charges that involve the conduct or ethics of members of the unit. See Chapter 11 and Appendix D.

B. EDUCATION COMMITTEE  Each unit should have an Education Liaison and an Intermediate/Newcomer Coordinator to promote the development and education of bridge within the unit and work in cooperation with the district education liaison and newcomer coordinator. See Chapter 9, Section Two.

C. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE  Many units, especially those that cover large geographic areas, have an Executive Committee, which is usually composed of the unit officers, the immediate past president, and those board members who are available on short notice. The purpose of this committee is to advise the president on matters of immediate urgency. This committee may also be empowered to act for the board of directors when an emergency board meeting is not practical.

D. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE  The mission of the Membership Committee is to increase membership by seeking new members and encouraging present or former members to renew or reinstate their memberships. The booklet Handbook for Membership Chairman is available on the ACBL website.   

E. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE  The goal of the Publicity Committee is to publicize unit tournament activities and increase public awareness of ACBL and its charitable and educational activities.  The pamphlet Resource Guide for Planning Sectional and Regional Tournaments has been developed for the tournament chairmen of all sectional and regional tournaments. This guide is available on the ACBL website.

F. TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE  The Tournament Committee plans, coordinates, and supervises all tournaments allocated to units. The Tournament Committee works with the unit and district tournament coordinators in scheduling dates for their tournaments.