Units or districts, through their tournament chairman, may request specific directing staff for their tournaments. However, since tournament directors are ACBL employees, the final authority for assigning staff remains with the ACBL. In the event of staffing conflicts among tournaments (for example, two requests for the same tournament director at the same time), the ACBL Tournament Department will give priority to tournaments that have met the time guidelines, set forth in Chapter 6, for entering sanction applications.

All staff requests by the DIC are subject to review by the tournament chairman. Units or districts may have specific requests for the ACBL Tournament Department to assign or not assign particular individuals to staff their tournaments. Units or districts should send such requests and the reasons for making them to the ACBL Tournament Department in writing.

The DIC is responsible for the proper conduct, appearance and demeanor of the tournament directors assigned.

ASSIGNMENTS: The DIC requests tournament staff based on the number of tables anticipated, the proximity of the proposed director’s residence to the tournament location, expertise or rank of the proposed director, overall staff harmony, sponsor request, employee status (salaried, full or part-time), and general workload of specific tournament directors. Matters not related to any of the foregoing should not be considered.

The DIC submits a staff request to the ACBL Tournament Department indicating which tournament directing personnel he/she would like assigned to the tournament and the sessions each director would be working. After a review of the staff by the appropriate Field Supervisor, the Tournament Department makes the assignments. When more than one tournament requests a particular director, the DICs involved, the requested tournament director, the tournament director Field Supervisor, the local tournament committee, and the ACBL Tournament Department work together to resolve the problem.

SESSION FEES: Tournament sponsors pay a set fee to ACBL for each session a tournament director works at a tournament. These fees are based on the tournament director’s rank.

ACBL is directly responsible for paying tournament directors.

PER DIEM: Tournaments in the continental United States (conUS), including Alaska and Hawaii, will pay the tournament director the IRS allowable per diem. The per diem rate charged for all non-conUS locations of the US will be equal to but not greater than the highest conUS rate.

Per diem rates in Canada can be found at http://www.njc-cnm.gc.ca/doc.php?sid=3&lang=eng.

TRANSPORTATION: Tournament directors residing more than 150 miles from the tournament site will be reimbursed the cost of a supersaver air ticket plus reasonable ground transfers at each end when they fly to the tournament. Tournament directors residing more than 150 miles from the tournament who choose to drive will be reimbursed actual mileage multiplied by the current IRS rate, plus tolls and parking. This sum is limited by the amount it would have cost the director to fly to the tournament (this includes supersaver airfare plus reasonable ground transfers).

Tournament directors who reside within 150 miles of the tournament site will be reimbursed actual mileage multiplied by the current IRS rate, plus tolls and parking.

Commutation mileage at the tournament site is also reimbursed at the current IRS rate.

Except for sectionals that are charged a surcharge. See Appendix G, the tournament sponsor is responsible for tournament director transportation expenses at all other tournaments. Whenever a surcharge is required, ACBL pays the transportation expense of the “nearest director of highest rank” (usually the DIC), and the sponsor pays all other transportation expenses.

LODGING: Tournament directors who live more than 25 miles from the tournament site may qualify for individual rooms at the tournament site. If the site is not a hotel, the sponsoring unit houses the tournament directors at the nearest hotel or motel and provides ground transportation where necessary.

Tournament DICs may stay at the tournament hotel and be compensated for lodging, even if they live within 25 miles of the tournament site. The DIC is also entitled to a room the night before the tournament whenever the tournament starts in the morning or afternoon. Staff directors must notify the DIC if rooms are needed the night before the tournament starts.

Any director who resides more than 150 miles from the tournament site may be reimbursed for lodging for the last night of the tournament. This applies to a hotel room while in transit on the last night of the tournament. This sum shall not exceed the rate at the tournament hotel. In no case shall reimbursements exceed the director’s actual lodging costs.

After the directing staff has been assigned, the staff assigned and hotel requirements (if any) will be sent to the tournament correspondent. ACBL regulations require that tournament directors be provided single rooms at the playing site (when the tournament is held at a hotel) or similar rooms in a nearby hotel.

B. TOURNAMENT ASSISTANTS  Tournament sponsors may choose to hire a tournament assistant to work at their tournament. He or she must have passed the ACBL tournament assistant accreditation exam and meet the approval of the tournament DIC. All employment issues such as compensation, payroll taxes, insurance, etc. are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. A form must be submitted to ACBL acknowledging acceptance of these employment issues.

C. CADDIES  The number of caddies required and other special caddy considerations should be worked out prior to the tournament.

A pamphlet on the management of tournament caddies is on the ACBL website. The sponsor will provide a local volunteer to organize and train caddies prior to and/or during the tournament.

D. VOLUNTEERS  There are many members of the tournament committee staff who are usually volunteers but they may be paid by the sponsor or given benefits such as a complimentary room or free plays. Some of these positions are:

  • Daily Bulletin editor
  • Partnership desk
  • Caddy organizer
  • Prize desk
  • Registration desk
  • Information/Hospitality desk

A complete listing and discussion can be found in the Resource Guide for Planning Sectional and Regional Tournaments on the ABL website.