The following applies to all events at an NABC other. Except for health-related equipment, or by permission of the Director-in-Charge of the tournament cell phones, audible pagers or similar equipment may not be operated or operable in any manner in the playing area during a session of play. Any such equipment must not be visible during the session. Sponsoring organizations of other ACBL-sanctioned events are encouraged to adopt a similar policy.

These restrictions apply to all pairs, team members, captains, coaches, play recorders except those designated by ACBL and spectators and are in force throughout any actual playing session or segment of play.

A violation of any of the restrictions above will result in a disciplinary penalty of one full board (12 IMPs at that form of scoring) for the first offense.  A second offense will result in disqualification from the event for the pair/team. Spectators violating this policy will be removed from the playing area for the remainder of the session.