Tournament participants usually play 24 boards per session. Regulations allow some exceptions for pair, novice, and teacher’s games in secondary events at tournaments. ACBL regulations state that no fewer than 18 boards may constitute a session. In addition, introductory games (e.g. Bridge Plus+) have a 10-board minimum.

In team events with IMP scoring, participants sometimes play more than 30 boards per session. However, ACBL regulations permit no more than 36, except when a two-session Swiss team game is played as one long session. Any departure from ACBL’s length stipulation requires the approval of the tournament chairman and the DIC. At the beginning of every session the number of boards to be played should be announced.

In a pair game, ACBL generally requires participants to play at least two boards per round. However, one-board rounds are permissible in one-session board-a-match team events, individual events, and introductory games.

The international time limit is seven and a half minutes per board (except under special circumstances such as the use of screens). Participants are usually allowed 15 minutes to play a two-board round and 20 minutes for a three-board round in pair games. For Swiss teams, the commonly allowed time for a seven-board match is 45 minutes. The DIC should enforce whatever limits are set. Specific regulations on slow play can be obtained from the Tournament Department or the DIC.