In addition to sectional tournaments, units may obtain sanctions for a number of different types of games. See Chapter 6.

CLUB-TYPE GAMES: When there is no regularly sanctioned club masterpoint game, a unit may obtain a sanction to operate club-rated games under the same regulations as a game sanction issued to a club. See Chapter 4.

UNIT CHAMPIONSHIPS: Each unit may obtain sanctions to conduct up to 24 sessions of unit championships annually.

Unit championships must be applied for by the appropriate unit or approved by that unit if applied for by other than the unit, before ACBL will sanction the game(s).

One of the purposes of conducting unit championships is to stimulate inter-club and intra-unit competition and fraternization. Although members of other units or localities usually are eligible to participate in a unit championship, the schedule need not be arranged for their convenience. The unit may, in fact, choose to allow only its own members to participate.

Since attendance primarily is local, the schedule does not usually interfere with the schedules of neighboring units. Therefore, the unit may schedule multi-session events and multi-session programs and does not necessarily have to conduct these events on weekends or on successive days.

UNIT-WIDE GAMES: A unit-wide game can be held simultaneously in three or more locations, each site with a minimum of five tables in play, using a unit championship session.

UNIT FUND/FOUNDATION GAMES: Each unit may conduct up to four sectional-rated fund/foundation game sessions annually. The fund games are the Grass Roots,International and Junior, the foundation games are the Charity and Educational. When held as charity games, see Chapter 5.

EXTENDED TEAM EVENT: Each unit may obtain a sanction to conduct up to three annual IMP-scored knockout team event or round-robin team-of-four event. See Chapter 5, Section Three, III., Table 5.1. A knockout may be run as a single or a double elimination. Either type of event must be run for at least three sessions. These team events are sectional-rated as long as they are open to all ACBL members in good standing of the unit. A unit may limit this event to members of the unit only.