Events that are not specific club games are often held in clubs. Club managers should be familiar with the general operation of these events. For example, unit championships and ACBL-wide events often are held in clubs, as are the initial qualifying stages of the NAP and GNT, which are unit and district events. See Chapter 6.

A. Grand National Teams
Throughout ACBL the Grand National Teams is divided into four flights: Championship Flight (open), Flight A (0-6000), Flight B (0-2500 masterpoints), and Flight C (non-Life Master with fewer than 500 masterpoints). The district has the option of conducting any fair bridge competition it chooses to select a winning team for each flight, which is then entitled to play in the National Finals at the Summer NABC. A district may choose not to name a district champion in Flight A (0-6000).

District and Unit GNT Coordinators work with the clubs. Sometimes a GNT club round qualifying is scheduled, but participation by an individual club is optional.

A district may permit each club within its area to hold one sectional-rated event (for as many game sessions as the club has sanctioned) as a fundraiser for the Grand National Teams or the Canadian National Team Championship. Each district sets the amount its clubs remit to it, to a maximum of $6.00 per table.

B. North American Pairs
The North American Pairs is divided into three flights: Flight A (open), Flight B (0-2500 masterpoints), and Flight C (non-Life Master with fewer than 500 masterpoints). The club qualifying rounds for all NAP flights are held in June, July, and August. A club may conduct two qualifying events in each flight for every weekly game sanctioned during these months. A game may be held as a stratified event. If there is a separate Non-LM qualifying game, it may be stratified as 0-20, 20-100, 100-500 (non-LM).

A club may move the site of its NAP qualifying game to accommodate increased attendance, but the club must hold the event at the same time as one of its regular sanctioned game sessions.

Clubs hosting NAP games must return the financial report and fees due by the 10th of the following month. Each club must schedule its NAP game on one of its sanctioned sessions (exceptions can be approved by the unit) within the specified month for qualification.

ACBL recommends that games of 18 or more tables be divided into two or more sections. Duplicated boards across all sections are desirable but not mandatory. A minimum of 21 boards must be played, and all games should be seeded.

ACBL issues all masterpoints earned at NAP events. A club level-qualifying event must be a one-session open pair event. A club-stage event must have a club or higher-rated director. ACBL recommends a non-playing director, but games of one section with 17 tables or fewer (at the club or unit stage only) may have a playing director.

In emergencies, substitutes may play up to 50% of the boards. Substitutes who play more than 50% of the boards acquire the rights of the original contestants. Masterpoint awards are 100% sectional rated, ½ red, ½ black.

An invitational club may participate and may qualify players for the unit level competition. Masterpoint awards for invitational flights are all black and can be found in the Masterpoint Award Charts found at the end of this chapter. With prior unit approval, an invitational club may open its games to all ACBL members, with players earning the same masterpoint awards as they would at open clubs. Before approval is granted, however, the unit must be satisfied that the club will adequately advertise the fact that the game will be open. If a unit refuses permission for an open game, a club may appeal the unit’s decision to the district organization.

Players may participate in club level NAP competitions outside their home districts. These players will receive any masterpoints earned and any qualifications earned are for the next level of play in their home district.

At a club level qualifying game, all eligible individuals who earn masterpoints or finish in the top half of the field, and any individuals who score 50% or better, earn qualification to play at the unit level.

For the unit level competition, both members of the pair must play in their home district. No player may enter more than one unit level competition.

All participants at the unit level must be ACBL members in good standing and be current in payment of dues or Life Master service fees. Non-members may join ACBL at the time they register to play. To accommodate non-members and others who do not wish to play in the NAP event, a club may conduct a regular game at the same time as the qualifying event.
C. Upgraded Club Championships
A club which recruits 10 new members earns a club championship that awards black points per the Masterpoint Award Chart found at the end of this chapter in addition to regularly allowed club championships.

D. North American Bridge Championship Promotional Games
ACBL allocates to each district one sectional-rated NABC fund-raising game in each of the three years prior to a North American Bridge Championship held within the district. The district schedules a week for the event, and ACBL notifies all clubs within the district advising them that the events may be held during their regular meeting times. Clubs may hold the same number of these sessions as their allocated number of membership games. A participating club must remit a sanction fee per table to ACBL with the report form. The District establishes the additional fees for this event, which are submitted directly to the District.

These events award sectional-rated black points, with session and overall awards at each site based on the number of tables in play at that site. Open games earn full sectional rating. Invitational/restricted games earn 80% of sectional rating, and newcomer games earn 50%. If the club chooses, these events may be stratified.

E. Sectional Tournaments at Clubs
Clubs may also participate in Sectional Tournaments at Clubs (STaCs) and the qualifying rounds of a Progressive Sectional when these are sponsored by the club’s unit. See Chapter 6.

F. Club Appreciation Games
October has been designated as Club Appreciation Month. During this month, club managers may run one Club Appreciation Pair Game and one Club Appreciation Team Game in place of a regularly scheduled session.

The pair game pays black points, and the team game pays per the Masterpoint Award Charts found at the end of this chapter, with 5% gold. (A player can win a maximum of .25 gold.)

G. SPC Championships
This is an event in which each participating ACBL SPC may name a champion in each category by means of a fair competition that is not necessarily the same from SPC to SPC. The type of event and conditions of contest must be submitted to and approved by the ACBL Tournament Department. There will not be a national final. The event may be flighted. With ACBL Management approval, this event or any portion may be run through an on-line service. At SPC option, each flight may be played at three or fewer levels. ACBL Rules and Regulations apply to all play in the event and supercede special SPC conditions in cases of conflict.

H. Inter-club Championship Games
Clubs may use their quarterly club championship sanction to hold combined games including two or more clubs not necessarily within the same unit. Each participating club must use their club championship allotment and clubs may schedule as many of these games as they have allotted. Overall awards are based on the entire field and the same hands are to be used by participating clubs. This game is to be coordinated by the unit(s) in which the clubs are located and all clubs in the unit(s), sanctioned for the session the game is held, must be allowed to participate. This game must be sanctioned by ACBL at least 60 days in advance of the event.

ACBL Management is authorized to sanction and conduct inter-club championships, which are administered online but played “live.” ACBL may sanction and conduct the event or ACBL may hold the sanction and sublet the administration of the event. If requested by a group of clubs, ACBL may authorize (grant a sanction to) a qualified person to administrate such an online-administered, inter-club championship for those clubs. ACBL may also authorize (grant a sanction to) a qualified person to conduct an online-administered inter-club championship or sanction the event.

In addition to a club’s regular club championships, the club may participate in an additional four (4) inter-club championships administered online. A club may not use one or all of its regular quarterly club championships to participate in inter-club championships administered electronically. The masterpoint awards for this event are the same as inter-club championship administered manually.

I. Canadian Bridge Federation Simultaneous Pairs
There is a one-session Canadian Bridge Federation Simultaneous Pairs that will runs annually and awards sectional-rated masterpoints. In addition to overall Canada-Wide awards there will be overall awards in each of the six CBF Zones.