OPEN: Any ACBL member or any non-member may participate in an open tournament unless expressly prohibited from doing so by a judicial body of the ACBL.

SENIOR: Only players born before January 1, 1959 may participate.

OPEN/SENIORS: Permits the scheduling of only senior events for days of an otherwise open regional.

JUNIOR: All participants must be 25 years of age or younger.

LIMITED: Limited regionals may be held specifically as a 199er, limited to players with fewer than 200 masterpoints; 299er, limited to players with fewer than 300 masterpoints; or Non-Life master, limited to players who are not Life Masters. The upper limit for a Non-life Master Regional can be no more than 750 masterpoints.

• A Non-Life Master Regional with an upper limit of 750 MPs shall award 10% gold for overall awards and section tops in the top bracket, flight or strata of two-session or longer events. All other masterpoint awards shall be red points.

SPLIT SITE: A District may split one of its Regionals and hold it at two sites on the same dates.

• The same events will be played simultaneously at both sites and will be played throughout. Upon request, management may approve different starting times for the same session at the two sites for the same events.

a. Knockout Teams will be the only championship event to have first and second overall positions at both sites. There must be at least three teams for there to be an event, and if there are fewer than eight teams, there will be at least a three session round robin. If entry consists of five, six or seven teams, only the team finishing in first place will earn Blue Ribbon qualification. If fewer than five teams enter the event, none will earn Blue Ribbon qualification.

b. Masterpoints shall be awarded as follows: All awards shall be multiplied by .80. For all events other than KO, overall masterpoints for first and second (and ties for second) will be awarded based on the total attendance at both sites. Overall awards for other than first and second (and ties) will be made at both sites based on attendance at the respective sites (the depth of the awards shall be similarly based).

c. Identical hand records must be used at both sites, for all events with one overall winner unless Management authorizes the use of different hand records due to significant differences in starting times or other special circumstances.

d. At Split Regionals, Swiss Teams events will be separate and overall winners will be declared at both sites. Only first place overall winners at each site shall earn Ribbon qualification.


• The ACBL and only the ACBL shall be permitted to sponsor Regionals at Sea (“RAS”).

• The ACBL may sponsor up to four RaS per year.

• Three of the four RaS should depart from different geographic “areas.” The areas are defined as East Coast (Atlantic other than Florida), West Coast (Pacific) and Gulf Coast (Gulf of Mexico plus the entire Florida coast.) ACBL Management shall, to the best their ability, attempt to avoid conflict with land-based Regionals.

• Except as specified in this motion, RaS must conform to the same rules and regulations as land-based Regionals.

• RaS are exempt from the rules regarding maximum tournament sessions and days. The tournament schedule will be determined by the tournament manager subject to the approval of the ACBL staff.