A tournament recorder is an official of the sponsoring organization and he or his designee is expected to be available at the tournament. Districts and units must have a recorder. The purpose of the recorder is to examine complaints received from players (usually concerning conduct and ethics matters), to respond to such complaints in an appropriate and timely manner, and to keep records.

Tournament recorders do not supersede tournament directors but provide additional educational and recording functions. Generally, the recorder will review the complaint with the other player(s) involved, explain the proprieties to those who may not be aware of them and advise the complainant as to his findings.

While tournament recorders have no independent disciplinary authority, they can refer a matter to the DIC with a request for a disciplinary committee. Additionally they may refer a matter to the sponsoring organization.

Recorder forms (or player memos) are available throughout the tournament from the directing staff and online at https://web3.acbl.org/player-memo. A player with a grievance may fill out a memo and return it to a director. The director turns it over to the DIC who either turns it over to the tournament recorder or talks to the players involved and mails the recorder form with the tournament report. For more information on recorders, see Appendix C.