A Beth ReidEmail:

Louisville, Kentucky

District 11:
Most of Kentucky, southern halves of Indiana and Ohio, western West Virginia

Board committees:
Finance (Chair), Strategic Review, Appeals and Charges, Board Operations, CEO Review, Communications, Minutes

Bridge experience:
I learned in college (1971) and began serious duplicate play in 1992. My proudest achievement is being Section Top in National Women’s Pairs.

Volunteer service:
Many years on Unit 117 Board, including service as Treasurer and President; Regional Committee volunteer, including Caddie Chair and Treasurer; District 11 Board; ACBL Board of Directors since 2008, serving on countless committees, including as Chair of Audit, Finance, Legal Services and Minutes

Career/professional activities:
Corporate Tax Attorney for seven years on Wall Street; Corporate and Tax Counsel, BATUS Inc.;
consultant to numerous nonprofits, including General Counsel, Frazier History Museum

B.A. with Honors, Smith College (1975); J.D. with Honors, University of Texas School of Law

Hobbies and interests:
Reading, puzzles, opera, dogs

Father and step-mother in D.C., mom here in Louisville with me, sister and brother-in-law in
Edina, MN, precious and perfect niece working for nonprofit agency in Nicaragua. And Blossom.